Rebecca is the Magic First Name for our Winners at Jay

Published on: October 26, 2019 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

16 young ladies gathered at Jay Lanes for the second PJBT girls event of the season. If your name was Rebecca, you ended up holding the winners’ trophies. Scores were very high on the Kegel Carbon pattern. The entire field averaged 201, with the 9 scratch ladies averaging almost 220.

Rebecca Peracchia survived a torn thumb in the final to outscore the field in scratch. She qualified 4th, with 197, 196, 279, 183, and 258, for plus 113. Cut was plus 75. She won all three of her matches with 236, 257, and 263, for top seed at plus 359. #2 was Emily Breidegam, who shot 300 in qualifying. She defeated #3 Charlize Wanner in the semifinal, 257-203. Peracchia started with the front six in the final. After converting a 7-pin, her thumb tore open. She somehow struck the last five to win, 279-236. Including the 270 pot, she earned $276 in scholarships.

Rebecca Breidegan led almost gate-to-wire winning in handicap. Coupled with 19 pins handicap, she rolled 193, 233, 203, 170, and 221 for a one-pin lead after qualifying at plus 115. Cut was plus 9. She also went undefeated in match play, with games of 208, 213, and 165. Genna Closs defeated Abbey Sarmiento in the semifinal, 208-161. In the final, Breidegan beat Closs, 171-161, for the $250 top scholarship prize.

The next PJBT girls event is November 2nd at Cain’s Manheim Lanes.