Jim Thomas Survives Eliminator Format Final to Win 1st Annual Thanksgiving Classic

Published on: December 5, 2015 | Categories: Headliners

The BuddiesProShop.com Adult Bowlers Tour held its 1st Annual Thanksgiving Classic.  The event saw over $10,000 in prize money given out between Prize Fund & Sidepots.

The event saw 90 Bowlers compete over 3 squads.  For this event, it ended out that 1:2 cashed in the event – as 48 of the 90 bowlers competing cashed in our event.  In addition, we had 5 bowlers who made money by re-entering in multiple divisions and cashing.

The format for the tournament was the top 15 from each squad advanced to the finals on Sunday at 1pm.  The top 45 + 3 from our last chance event competed in an eliminator type final.  The top 48 bowled 3 games and the top 24 advanced on.  The 24 remaining bowled 2 games and the top 12 advanced.  The top 12 then bowled 1 game and the top 6 advanced.  The top 6 bowled 1 game and the field was cut to 3.  The top 3 then bowled 1 game for the title.

Congrats to our winner Jim Thomas.    Thomas survived the Round of 48 with 3 Decent Games and made the field of 24.  In the Round of 24, Thomas shot 246 and 212 and was seeded 4th out of 12 bowlers advancing into the quarterfinal.  In the 1 game quarterfinal, Thomas shot 203 and survived advancing thru.  He was 4th out of 6 bowlers….cut was 201.  In the top 6 semi-final, Thomas shot 196 and was the cut….3rd place to advance to the final.  Thomas advanced to the final with Mike Markis & Brent Tishuk.  In the one game final, Thomas captured the title on a tough pair….shooting 192.  His opponents, Brent Tishuk shot 179 and Mike Markis 147.  Thomas took home the top prize and title for the event.

Top 24 Final Results for 1st Annual Thanksgving Classic

Place Name
1st Place Jim Thomas
2nd Place Brent Tishuk
3rd Place Mike Markis
4th Place Bradley Crouse
5th Place Eric Cornog
6th Place Ryan Galli
7th Place DJ Zombro
8th Place Doug Scheidig
9th Place Jason Stadtler
10th Place Frank Moran
11th Place Jim Taylor
12th Place Stephanie Sheridan
13th Place Rick Graham
14th Place Paul Pinto
15th Place Phil Drumm
16th Place Keith Poppiti
17th Place Adam Chase
18th Place Kerry Smith
19th Place Adam Baer
20th Place Cody Shoemaker
21st Place Layne Sandt
22nd Place Will Vidulich
23rd Place Brian Hood
24th Place Dan Schriner