Ocello/Dragovits & Buser/Buser Capture Adult/Jr Titles at Limerick

Published on: December 5, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 17th season with our 2nd Adult Junior Event of the Season.  Adult Junior events are probably the most popular events of all our events during the year.  These events allow our youth to team up with family, parents, and friends to compete for prizes.  The Limerick adult junior event was another PJBT epic event….as we saw 89 teams or 178 bowlers competing for prizes and scholarships.   We had 45 teams (90 bowlers) in Scratch and 44 teams (88 bowlers) in Handicap on this day.  Format was 5 games of qualifying.  The top 40% of teams advanced to bowl 3 additional games of qualifying.  After 8 games, the top 4 teams would bowl a 1 game final head-to-head.  The top team in the 1 game final won the event, second high finished 2nd and so forth.

In Scratch, Joey Ocello & Zachary Dragovits took home the title.  This title was Joey’s 2nd career PJBT title and 1st ever in Scratch.  For Dragovits, it was his 2nd in 2 weeks….his 3rd title of the season and his 5th career title.  Ocello/Dragovits shot games in qualifying of 500, 387, 407, 436, and a tournament high game of 533.  They sat near the top of the leaderboard entering the 2nd round.  In Round 2, they shot 480, 421,  and 460.  After 8 games, Ocello/Dragovits sat in 3rd place of 4 teams heading to the 1-game final.  The final match saw the following teams competing:  Tournament leaders Jack Celmer/Ryan Porr, 2nd seed Lawrence Bianco Jr/Chris Mathewson, and 4th seed Jesse Brown/Chris Fuller.  In the 1 game final, Ocello & Dragovits both got off to a hot start and maintained a lead throughout the match.  They took the title — shooting 461.  Brown/Fuller finished 2nd with a 425 game.  Celmer/Porr finished 3rd with 384.  Finally, Bianco Jr /Mathewson finished 4th with 344.  For our winners, Joey Ocello won a $300 top scholarship prize and glass bowling pin.  Dragovits won $150 and an adult winner plaque.

In Handicap, Haley & Chris Buser of Limerick Bowl, captured the title.  Chris Buser, the manager of Limerick Bowl, has helped us to host many PJBT events over the years….but never competed until this year.  He had some winners luck in his 1st try!!  Chris and his daughter Haley took home the top prize.  In qualifying, Buser/Buser shot scratch games of 371, 363, 403, 371, and 386.  They received 29 pins a game handicap.  They were near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2.  In Round 2, they shot games of 447, 391, and 405.  These games boosted them into 3rd place and the 4-team final.  In the final was tournament leaders Riley Celmer/Wayne Gehris, 2nd seed James & Ron Carnal, and 4th seed Shania & Rob Jennings.  In the 1-game final, the match came down to Celmer/Gehris & Buser/Buser.  Buser’s posted a 405 team game on the board.  If Gehris strikes out, they defeat everyone and win.  He gets the 1st strike in the 10th but does not strike on the 2nd ball in the 10th….giving them a 2nd place finish.  Buser/Buser wins with 405, Celmer/Gehris had 400, Jennings/Jennings shot 382, and Carnal/Carnal shot 376.  Haley Buser won a $300 top scholarship prize and glass bowling pin for major title.  Manager Chris Buser took home the $150 top prize and adult winner plaque.

Congrats to Jack Celmer who shot a perfect game 300 during qualifying…..taking home the famous 300 pot for $337!  The pot had not been hit for about 2 months….so it was quite a win for Jack.