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Posted on: July 14th, 2021 by Matt Himmelreich

** Welcome to the Sign Up Page for the 2021 Danny Wiseman Scholarship Tournament – One of the Biggest Youth Bowling Events on the East Coast! **

Before you begin, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.  We will try and answer the most common questions people have when signing up for the event thru our website.  You are currently on the sign up page.  Below is an attachment of the tournament flyer.  Please print out the flyer and make sure you have made yourself familiar with all the rules for the event.


To sign up online, please click below “Click Here to Register and Pay Online.”

Type in your bowlers name.  If you are signing up more than one child….that is fine.  CLICK YES under additional bowlers.  This will give you slots to sign up to three bowlers at one time if they live in the same household.  For Division, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT DIVISION.   Either Scratch or Handicap.  Scratch is based on a score of 200 or higher.  Handicap Division receives 90% of difference of average to 200 per game.  There are no separate girls or boys divisions….just Scratch and Handicap.  If you are signing up multiple children… and one is in Scratch & others in Handicap….choose Scratch and MAKE SURE IN THE NOTE BOX FURTHER DOWN YOU SPECIFY THE INFO CLEARLY FOR OUR STAFF.

Next:  CLICK EVENT TYPE.  AT BOTTOM OF OPTIONS, IT SAYS DANNY WISEMAN EVENT – 1 SQUAD, 2 SQUADS OR ALL 3 SQUADS.  The page will then auto-populate the correct amount you need to pay for entry ($65 / $130 or $165).  If you plan to pay any other amount –  (sidepots in advance, etc) – please click CUSTOM AMOUNT and type in the amount you would like to pay.

VERY IMPORTANT:  In the Event Detailed Information, you MUST PROVIDE US WITH WHAT SQUAD YOU ARE SIGNING UP FORYou must specify 9am, 1:30pm, or 6pm.  IF WE DON’T HAVE A TIME, WE CANNOT COMPLETE THE ENTRY.  We also need the Bowlers’ USBC Sanction ID number.  This number is the same from year to year even if you have an old sanction card.  We also recommend noting scratch or handicap division so we have it correct. ANY pertinent information that we need to know about a bowler or bowlers can be left here for our staff.  Be as specific as possible.

Once you put in your credit card information….hit pay now.  DON’T hit back button and let it process.  If you have a valid email, you will receive confirmation of the payment in your email.  THIS CONFIRMATION IS THAT YOUR SPOT IS RESERVED.  Closer to date of the event, Danny & our staff will post an entry list online.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON ENTRIES, please direct ALL QUESTIONS to STACEY SATTAZAHN or JOSH SATTAZAHN.  Stacey and Josh handle all the entries.  Tournament director Matt does not have access to the entry list day-to-day.  Stacey & Josh and both be reached fastest by TEXT or EMAIL.

Email: for all PJBT Staff

Stacey Sattazahn:  570-449-9656  /  Josh Sattazahn:  484-955-3493

** This event does SELL OUT!  Only re-entries at the door are allowed if space permits.  Please sign up for all squads you want early & often! ** We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2021!

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Event Information

Event Date/Time: 10-09-2021 @ 9:00am